Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Comic,Jobs and Bills

It has been more than a month I've not updating my blog here.I have to hold the ANDIKA project for a while as I got some important jobs to be completed.It feels a bit suck that I have to halt the project when I was in a big spirit to do it.But I need to eat and pay bills...so I got to sacrifice.
I'm a bit worried if the publishers that I aim for will lose interest on my comic due to my long delay.Anyway I'm trying to finish up the jobs by this 20th June and I'm going to continue to finish up the ANDIKA project.My estimation of complete ANDIKA....in another 3 month.....but....if the publisher agreed, ANDIKA might be released a bit sooner but as a 1st part from the whole story.But that is still under negotiation....Above is a Perang Kampung art that I do for XLID's comic as a guest artist.Perang Kampung is a winner of IPCC comic as well same year as me.It will be released soon.