Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Year Sums up

Its already 2008.Nothing much for me but only a will to find a lot of money as i could and to make my carrier more meaningful.
Everyday i have to battle myself with the fast limited time to achieved what i want to be.Daily at the comic job are pretty exhausting.It seems that i live in a dream with the dream job but its actually not.For me its just a responsible that i ve to take care of.Maybe because of the limited freedom in work or not enough paid considering with what i ve been through in the industry or maybe my focus has been shifted or grow to something bigger.I m not sure.One thing that i m sure of,i got to do something to improvise my skills and especially myself for a bigger objectives.

I m tired of people who use our kind of expertise cheaply.They think art are easy to do.Anything related with ideas flowing through the hands and materialized it in any kind of form are expensive.Maybe thats the reason i m not too keen doing comics anymore.Its just work.I ve learned and studied the knowledge too long but my paid still like i just involved in the industry.
I dont have to memerized writers,artists or comic titles all around the world just to show that i am the true comic artist because i think its unnecassary.What you can do and how you can delivered in time is what counts.

Artists nowadays also have a different views in this related kind of matters.I m having problems to share my ideas...maybe it too old for them but i believed the idea will never be old or season if it has a revolutionary touch which is i m into.Or maybe i m too scared to share it,because of the negative rejection and all.

Now i am seeking freelance jobs as much as i can because seriously my monthly paid are never enough to support my monthly expenses.I have no savings and i have a lot of debts.This driving me to seek a lot of freelance jobs and sadly i m not in the position YET to demand price but im heading for that way when i managed to settle my debts and gain some savings.When that time comes,they will consider our kind of jobs more seriously with a serious kind of payment.

My baby project (comic/novel)had to be kiv as i ve to settle my financial by doing freelance jobs but that doesn t mean that i m not involved in any comic job instead of my daily job.I have a project with my colleague to do short comic and one more come up where im just a storyteller and they will draw it.Maybe,maybe i will draw one comic after they ve done those 2 title....i m not sure.

I just hope this will be a good and great year for me.A turning back for me to get moving towards my objectives and dreams.Aminnnnn.....