Monday, March 29, 2010

7 month recap

Wow...It's almost April 2010 and the last time I left a post here was on August 09...I guess I'm not really good being a blogger hahaha.Hmm...Let me summarize up what has happened in this past 7 month.

- I have completed 95% of my IPCC - ANDIKA comic.It's also available in digital version on the web but just for a teaser.Here is the link - and support me haahaha..

- My contract with SALADIN as a storyboard artist has ended and I am no plan to works in the company so I have decided to do full time freelancer.I know,it is a suicidal job with wife to take care and a tonz of bills to pay,but I just can't see I can work by following time,traffic jams,to adapt with new people and environments and end up with a low salary for my experience anymore.
So far I've managed to solve those monthly commitment but I know I need to do something drastic for my income for the future survival.

-I am still looking for the right publisher for my comic.It's not that easy if you have a long term plan in your head.

- I am planning to do some free gift through my art in my website soon,paid art commission and sell some stuff such as my ANDIKA art on t shirt,posters,prints etc....still in plans.....lots of problems to be solve first.

- I have upgraded my PC.More powerful than before and it is my second lover now.I'm hooked with Dawn Of War 2 games if my financial is good,wanna buy Storm SCOUT casing and a secondary monitor.Important for me to boost my spirit!

Basically now,I'm working my ass now just to pay the bills...Still trying to look for bigger jobs to maintain financial for more month ahead.Small and urgent jobs are good though but that is just for the pocket money.I must think how to FIND the jobs rather than WAIT for the jobs comes to me.That is my problem now.I don't know how to do that.If I just go to their office and ask for jobs that would make myself looks desperate and they may give me a cheap pay instead for a heavy jobs.I m looking for proper and professional deal.Something if I do art for books,it would be a 10 title books for a year contract....something like that.But I just don't know to deal it in the right way.

I'm a bit stressed at where I am to move to change your life for a better one....get more and better control your have a product but still can't go anywhere.Oh GOD please help me show me the way....