Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aku dan Ramadhan

Bulan Ramadhan dah dekat...lately ni aku asyik teringat parent aku yang dah meninggal dunia.Betapa aku rindu diorang.Sebak kat dada ni aku tahan pasal kalau di layan aku tak dapat nak maju ke depan.Sembahyang pun hampeh.Aku kecewa ngan diri aku sendiri.Kerana kejayaan dlm diri sendiri tu masih tak tercapai lagi.
Aku berdoa dan berharap Ramadhan kali ini boleh bawa aku ke jalan yang lebih jelas ke arah kebenaran di samping memberi aku ilmu dan kekuatan untuk berjuang mencari kebahagiaan di dunia dan di akhirat.Aminnn....

Al Fatihah untuk mak dan ayah.....
(Rindu masakan mak; ikan bilis goreng lada kering dan air nescafe o di ptrg hari....)
(Ayah,wish we have been closer macam time first Nan dpt cek pertama dari buat komik and
boleh bawak ayah jalan naik kereta,Nan yg drive!Miss u all.Miss you dearly....)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've just finished budgeting the pages count through my 95 percent plot/story flow of ANDIKA.It takes a total 90 pages if I include all the plot that i've been written.The rule mentioned comic pages can't be more than 60 pages.So I try to cut here and there but still didn't enough to be less than 60 pages.I need to cut more if I wanted to fit with the rule and that means I have to compress panels in a page which I hate because it will ruined my freedom in composing the scene , lots of dialogue or narration,balloon space will be pack in a certain page and most importantly the development of the characters and story might be a bit ruined.
I am already tired to rearranged the plot for the right amount of pages for tonight so I will continue tomorrow and hopefully I managed to get the pages right and start to sketch thumbnails of comic layouts before this september where that day,the judge wanted to check the winners storyline and plan .
Oh by the way monday next week the MSC IPCC have a press lunch for IPCC winners shoot at The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur.Hmm..I'm not really sure how fun is it but the free lunch is matters.Got to sleep.Good night everyone.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Project Neosantara saga - Andika REVEALED

Here are some of the artworks that we have used for the IPCC submission and presentation.If I 'm not mistaken it been done in a quite short time to catch the submission/presentation deadline.

Here are the main characters of the story.

Andika and the legendary axe - Benta Genggara.The axe that lock the legendary 5 Siluman.

Puteri Mulan

And the rest of the characters.....

The only concept art that we managed to complete before the presentation day.

Now I'm constructing the story flow for the comic.

Friday, July 31, 2009


We did it!
For the first time we did it as a team.It was a thrilling day.We cannot say much about the future plans till we heard the result.Team for this pitch are Me,Nanzo as the leader of the project,Chin Yew as the ultimate presenter and Max as the Visual Presentation Operator.Well basically that is not our 'real' function in the team.It s more like this;

Nanzo-Artist and story
Max -Asst Artist and Digital Artist
Chin Yew - Presenter Co-Writer
Sangkakaler-Mysterious Colorist

After month and weeks stay late and travel far back and forth to complete the submission,we finally managed to make it worth.

Our presentation started at 11.20 right after the tea break.I started to introduce my fellow team to the fellow judges and give the mic to Chin Yew for the presentation.As Max started the Flash presentation(with soundtrack) Chin Yew started his rock act and it catches the judges intention from start till end of his presentation.I have to admit Chin Yew has the edge when it comes to presentation.We closed the presentation by showing them 3 pages of our BETA interactive comic.

When QnA with the judges time I was a bit surprise when there were not much negative comments from them.They even said that they might vote it as they love the story infront of me.Damn I don't know how I wanted to control my face that time.Judges were positive towards our material and we re blessed with that.As the other contestant present,we started to getting more nervous except Chin Yew.He is so confident we can win from the started.I dont want to think about winning and losing that time.Just wanna get it over with it, soon(sure I wish to win,duh!).So we decided to go Alamanda and watch a movie.

The result were announced at 7pm due to wait from the animation judges votes.They announce 6 winners from the animation competition first.

After that they announced 10 winners from the Comic Competition which each of the winner received rm20k.And guess what?Our team was the first to be announced!We were so happy and relief...for all the hard work.I was been told that our comic and presentation was the highest mark for that day.All of this giving me a new hope and spirit.

I will show some pre artworks and comics for this ANDIKA project here later.

Friday, July 17, 2009

IPCC 2009

Early this week I've received an email that I'm one of the finalist of IPCC comic.Hmm...Now I'm worried about the presentation which is definitely not my forte.I guess till that day comes I will busy preparing my stuff for the presentation.This saturday I have to go to the workshop which been held by the IPCC organizer for the finalist.It's 9 am in the morning till 12pm.Luckily there s a free lunch.Here are my rough sketches of the characters.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Yeah,I know....so many time already...I just have to do it to find my spark.I am planning to post my lately project here and also....my old comic and stuff, IF I have the time.
Quick update of myself since the last post,I have quit from comic company call KLP as they've shut down and change their business profile...Now I am with an animation team in cyberjaya as a storyboard artist for a year already.My contract ends on this december.Since I left KLP I have involve some freelance projects to established networks and extra cash for my monthly fees.My wife has quit her job as a lawyer since her dad past away a morning after my birthday and now she is doing good making western foods on the government cafe.
And I 'm also have moved form apartment to a landed house...of course we just rent it.
I adopted a cat!He was a kitten the time I adopt him after requesting permission with her mom.I named him Mojo and now he is 8 month year old.He is so active and naughty boy but I love him so much!
Lately I am participating in a comic contest run by some government body.The prize are amazingly great for a comic contest.I hope this will spark my drawing spirit back.At the same time , me and one of my friend trying to make an animation short.We are still discussing the concept and story.It's quite hard actually because we 're live so far and can only meet 2 times a week at late night.He has same case as me....only that he is more in technical 3d.Hope all the best for us because this project quite crucial for us especially for me.
Ok thats it for now....just hope there are more updates after this.