Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Diary Of M Jane by Isse Chuplas 01

Here are the comic work from Isse Chuplaz when he was suffering no money and didn,t get paid from his working place.Sorry the dialogue was in Bahasa Malaysia but try to guess what it's all about if you could read the visual...wink!!
Budak budak yang baca bende ni jgn terpengaruh ngan lifestyle katun ni.Ini hanya luahan perasaan seorang artis yg dalam tekanan tak dapat gaji dan takde duit.

Komik ni tak la panjang sangat tapi aku dah suruh Isse Chuplaz sambung je bila ade masa.Komik ni aku akan release seminggu sekali.Cerita ni agak self expression so jgn la expect profesional and all la kan.Ini tatapan untuk santai sahaja....Enjoy!

More to come.

I'm about to hit the bed.I will try add some comic that done by Isse Chuplaz and it will be weekly and also I will share with you guys my unfinish old comics here as well,tomorrow.Night!

Manga and dark art update by Nanzo

These are some arts that i did for art compilation book.I'm not sure if i can talk about this book but here are the arts.I did it in a week from pencil to finish colours.

Dream Junkies studios......Itkuze!!

After a dozen names from Fusionwerk to Dream Werkshop studios, we're now officially known as DREAM JUNKIES studios!!.We are group of artist that give a visualizing and content service to our respectful clients all over the world.We are specialized in Pre Pro design and Visualizer art.At our free time we do at what we do best....COMICS!We have a kick ass art and kick ass stories to feed all of you comic freaks out there but it will take a bit time as we 're sometimes pretty occupied with jobs and all.

Here are the peek of my studio.Not much to show but its a start.

Free to drop by and check us out FREQUENTLY!Haha...kiddin...But we really need your supports!Keep all the comments comin!Good or not thats a different story...haha!!!Peace!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sayonara , Yokoso and Ganbatte!!

The place that i worked now are officially closed.Lucky for me I've the new job before that happens but its sad for the rest of the guys.I will start at the new place at Cyber Jaya as the storyboard artist for a Saladin animation series on this 2nd May.Hope all turns well as i got to pay LOTS of bills and LOTS of debt.Wish me all the luck!

#Now I heard most of the ex-KLP guys have a new jobs already.Congrats and keep on fighting!

Baby Projects Working in Hibernate

There are 2 comic titles that i ve been save for more than 10 years to be released.Why it's so special and why i've kept it hibernate for a long time?I'm also not sure.Maybe because these 2 stories took me a lot of time to sort out their facts.Or maybe it reminds me of how determine of me back in the day when i was into these stories.Or maybe these stories would bring me somewhere in the industry?

Whatever the reason is, i got to released these two titles that i consider as my baby project.I think these are the 2 stories that I write with my experience,knowledge and heart.I put my soul in it.So its a pure work of mine.Though some of it may have a collaboration with other artist.

It was Guardians Of The Gate (GOTG)that started me getting serious in the comic.I have draw a bunch of strips with only a dozen that i managed to finalize the work.It was pure and detail but it still not original enough and a poor presentation for me.Also i realized these kind of story is big.I need to be matured enough to make these story flow well.The magic and action and art are just for the good setting and good presentation but the real content of the stories were these 8 main characters.Their past,their choices in living,their relationship with other characters and responsibilities were the main core of this story.Its a dark drama action story or maybe a dark thriller action story...i don't know.

I have finished writing the 1st volume of the stories,finished main plot writing for vol 2 and 3.I thought GOTG will end at vol 4 but after write and rewrite the plot and facts and all,it may take 6 volume max.The whole facts of the story was a challenging one.I have to readjust some story just because i have to replace the old ideas.And some ideas got to relate with other ideas or the story will be disastrous.Thats why i need to be careful and thorough in the story writing so there will be no more adjustment when the drawing starts.

For me the stages now are almost complete for GOTG.I think the drawing stage or at least design stage can be started somewhere around September or October or maybe sooner depends on my freelance jobs.

I have stopped checking and write Medan Azazil(MA) for a quite long time because of lots of reason.The main reason was to finished GOTG first,because GOTG story has developed progressively while MA still have a loop holes in the storyline especially on the characters.And it was always a dilemma for me to make it as one whole shot story that will end in one volume or to make it last till 4th or 5th volume to complete the story.I can only write back on MA when i have finished writing GOTG so i wont messed up the stories.

All i can say about MA is its involved with jin(Djin) and humans in the Jin world.War was going like forever between them.It has dark scheme ,a well long term evil organize plan ,with a little boy who the only one that can restore the peace there.

I really hope i managed to release these 2 titles on market on time.One thing for sure,I need a team to complete these project.I will try to keep on updates about this matters.